SF Market Conditions

I heard another agent remark recently that Sellers are always the last to know. I hadn’t thought about this before, but in many ways, this is true.

In a declining market, sellers are the last to know when the market is soft, demand is down and prices aren’t what they used to be. That ...Read more

abundance of purple cauliflower

San Francisco has long been a great place for food lovers. Eating local, organic and fresh is easy. We have great produce in stores, wonderful farmers markets and plenty of other options for eating local and fresh--grow your own, get a box delivered ...Read more

Are you ready to be a buyer in San Francisco? Here are 5 things to consider as you start the buying process:

1. Be Pre-Approved Getting pre-approved before you start searching for your new home is critical. It will be a guide to help you determine the kind and price of ...Read more

One question that many Sellers overlook when making the decision about who to hire to represent them in the sale of their home: Would you ever be willing to represent the buyer as well as me? And the follow on question: How many times have you reprsented both the buyer and the seller in a ...Read more

2425 23rd Street
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Once again, we are at that cycle in the San Francisco Real Estate market that arrives every January. Buyer demand is high, and inventory is very low. I visited a few open houses on Sunday, and all were packed. The first, a single ...Read more

We're often asked, "How's The Market?" The answer of course is that it all depends where you live.

And while values and market dynamics really are dependent upon local factors, there are some generalities that apply to the San Francisco and Marin Markets. In the past few years, I have ...Read more

San Francisco's Planning Commission approved the development plan for Treasure Island. This plan, expected to cost $1.5 billion will create housing, office space and new jobs on Treasure Island, the man- ...Read more

The Rush
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Here is a picture of the crowd heading in to see the house at 285 Richland Ave in San Francisco this morning for a brief (and probably only) showing of this house. Why? This 1000 square foot home, which is now bank ...Read more

Here is a guest authored article, by Ken Moll of GGB Capital . Ken specializes in Seller Financing. Is it right for you to consider when you are selling your home? Possibly. Read on.

In today’s tough, tough market for sellers and buyers alike, ...Read more

Market activity for condos in North Beach continues at a steady pace. In the past month, three new condos have been placed on the market, and two that were previously available have been spoken for (one has sold, while the other owner has accepted an offer from a buyer ...Read more