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One question that many Sellers overlook when making the decision about who to hire to represent them in the sale of their home: Would you ever be willing to represent the buyer as well as me? And the follow on question: How many times have you reprsented both the buyer and the seller in a ...Read more

When you are buying or selling a home, it is important for you to select an agent who is experienced, knowledgable, professional and will help you through every step of the process. After selecting an agent, you'll work with this person to identify the property that is right for you, help you ...Read more

The fees for FHA loans will change this spring. This was announced several months ago, but here's a great New York Times article with details.

For those ...Read more

HOT is the best way to describe our real estate markets, both in San Francisco and Marin. Few listings come onto the market each week and many properties sell within the first day(s) on the market. Many new listings are selling for over the asking price--some for significantly over asking. While ...Read more

During your escrow process, you will be asked by your agent, lender and/or escrow officer how you plan to hold title. There are several options for California residents. Before you choose, it is best to confer with your expert advisors, including your attorney and accountant. How you hold title ...Read more

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Once again, we are at that cycle in the San Francisco Real Estate market that arrives every January. Buyer demand is high, and inventory is very low. I visited a few open houses on Sunday, and all were packed. The first, a single ...Read more

Recent market activity in Telegraph Hill shows signs that the market for condos is showing signs of recovery. Although the market for condos in some of San Francisco's finest neighborhoods (including Russian Hill, North Beach, North Waterfront and Telegraph Hill) is down 16% in the last few ...Read more

In the last few months, the city has been buzzing about the upcoming America's Cup , heading to San Francisco for events in 2012 and 2013. Besides being fun, the events are expected to bring over 8,000 jobs to the SF Bay Area and create over $1 ...Read more

Many involved with the SF Tenants Union and other tenants rights advocates have long been strong opponents of converting San Francisco housing units from rentals to anything else. This includes 1. combining 2 units in a building, 2. converting rental units owned by one party and rented to many ...Read more

We're often asked, "How's The Market?" The answer of course is that it all depends where you live.

And while values and market dynamics really are dependent upon local factors, there are some generalities that apply to the San Francisco and Marin Markets. In the past few years, I have ...Read more