GreenFinanceSF launches its services this week, helping San Francisco homeowners pay for retrofits to their homes that save energy and money. This city backed program allows these homeowners to borrow money to make improvements, and repay the city from the savings on their energy and water bills ...Read more

In the last few years, there have been several proposals to use lots throughout the city of San Francisco that are slated for development as interim green spaces. The idea behind this is that using land for temporary parks or public spaces while development is ...Read more

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted yesterday in favor of legislation designed to protect tenants from being evicted in case a property owner loses the property through foreclosure. The intent makes sense--why should a tenant face huge disruption to their lives because of the mis- ...Read more

I just read an incredible article in Business Week, about a couple who decided in 2006 to spend a year living in the middle of New York City without making any negative environmental ...Read more

More people are farming in urban areas, a recent article in the New York Times reports about roof top gardening in cities throughout the country. I have been fascinated in recent ...Read more