Thanksgiving is a time for lots of food and gratitude. In our home, it is also a time to celebrate birthdays. Our family (thanks to my sister and her family) has a very popular birthday tradition. The doughnut. Yes, I admit it. We get doughnuts early in the morning (while they are yummy and ...Read more

San Francisco is comprised of many eclectic and fascinating neighborhoods, each with their own flair and sense of enjoyment. As you begin to explore these areas, you get a feeling of what each neighborhood is like -- at least as a visitor. But what would it be like to actually live there, be a ...Read more

The San Francisco Food Bank's third annual Hunger Challenge kicked off yesterday with several participants who have agreed to spend one week eating on just $4 per day. The Hunger Challenge allows its participants to eat for one day or a whole week on $4/day to experience what it is like to have ...Read more

On a Saturday in August, I will be heading to the Masumoto Farm in Del Ray, south of Fresno to pick peaches. This has become an annual event. We head down on Friday, stop at our favorite taco stand along the way, relax poolside in the incredible heat and have a great dinner in ...Read more

In the last few years, there have been several proposals to use lots throughout the city of San Francisco that are slated for development as interim green spaces. The idea behind this is that using land for temporary parks or public spaces while development is ...Read more

I've been loving the explosion of choices and awareness in the last fewyears regarding our food and how it is grown and brought to ourtables. When I first got a CSA (community supported agriculture) boxin Boston almost 20 years ago, I had to help ...Read more

Peach Picking Ballet

Last weekend, I went to pick peaches at our adoptive tree at the Masumoto Family Farm in Del Ray. This has become an annual ritual, including the taco stops on the way and dinner at Uncle Harry's ...Read more

A Street Food Festival to support La Cocina , a non-profit located on Folsom Street in the Mission that is a business incubator for food businesses in San Francisco. I first learned of La Cocina at last year's Slow Food Festival-- ...Read more

More people are farming in urban areas, a recent article in the New York Times reports about roof top gardening in cities throughout the country. I have been fascinated in recent ...Read more

Last night I attended a food and wine pairing, to benefit the Friends of San Francisco Independent Living Skills Program, hosted by a good friend (and attended by old friends and new friends). It was great fun!

Gwendolyn Wilson, the manager of ...Read more