Swim for the Bay!

The San Francisco Bay is one of the things that makes the Bay area awesome, and well, makes the Bay Area what it is! I love being in the Bay as a swimmer (several times a week, rain or shine, all year round), on the water in a boat and near the water–the views are []


VIDEO: Preparing to Buy a Home or Condo

Five Essentials for Buying a Home or Condo. Click HERE to read more. []

Give and Take

I was heading past the bulletin board in front of Good Life Grocery on Cortland Ave in Bernal Heights and spotted a flyer that might be of interest to many. Similar to any offer of services available on a community bulletin board, I loved this offer–available to anyone, just for the taking.  I love living in []

Niagra Falling

I attended a performance of Niagra Falling on Saturday evening with a few friends at San Francisco’s newest performance venue: the west wall of the Renoir Hotel on the corner of 7th and Market. The dancers performed on the side of the building and on the roof.  The story was of the decline of []

Calling All Geographers!

This morning, listening to KQED, I heard about a great project in San Francisco: individuals areing identify and placing the pieces of the Sanborn Maps, actually an Atlas to contemporary maps of the city.  The Sanborn Maps are maps created by an insurance company and survived the fire after the 1906 earthquake.  They are []

Marathon Swimming is Back in Vogue

I recently completed my first open water swim.  That is, the first open water, out of cove swim, meaning my first swim outside of the safety of San Francisco’s Aquatic Park.  The swim was about a mile, from Gas House cove, the area right behind Green’s restaurant at Fort Mason back to the beach []

lombard street looking like candy land board

Where are the Kids Going?

I was listening to the news last week with half an ear, only to hear about changing census numbers from last year to the previous census in 2000.  The result?  The number of children, defined as kids from 0 to 17 years has declined in the last ten years in San Francisco.  I have been []

SFO: It’s an Airport. And a Museum.

There has been significant fanfare recently about the opening of the new terminal 2 at San Francisco International Airport (SFO).  I was invited to a party thrown by Virgin American who will be located in that terminal.  This amused be because I don’t know if I would add getting in the car and heading []

The Beautiful Succulents of Pierce Street

As I rounded the corner from California Street onto Pierce Street yesterday, I was delighted to see my neighbor (to the office), Connie, out tending to her succulent garden.  Connie has maintained a beautiful garden in raised beds around the trees.  Her interest in succulents has led her to active involvement in the San Francisco []

The Islands of SF

I love exploring San Francisco’s neighborhoods and have really been enjoying Rebecca Solnit’s Infinite City with its amazing layers of culture, creativity and history.  I stumbled on another fantastic approach to the city: The Islands of San Francisco, on Burrito Justice’s website.  The map and visuals are great, and I love the thought of neighborhoods []