Are You Covered? Are You Sure?

With all of the wildfires raging throughout the state, it might be a good time to check in with your insurance agent and be sure that the coverages for your home, condo or apartment are adequate.  Following the tragic wildfires in Napa and Sonoma last fall, I checked in with a few clients and []

When Is The Best Time To Realize Losses?

By Craig Isaacson, Vice President UBS  We can all agree that seeing our investment increase in value feels much better than seeing it drop in price. Selling the investment at a gain feels even better. Indeed, individual investors have a greater propensity to sell a stock that has gone up in value than one that has gone down. Rationally though, []

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Rental Prices in San Francisco are Sky High!

Rental prices in San Francisco continue to rise. Demand has continued to increase: SF is a great city and like most major U.S. cities has seen population growth in recent decades and many factors make the city more desirable as a place to live. This plus an increase in local jobs in the city and []

SF Supes to Review Proposal to Retrofit Soft Story Buildings

The San Francisco supervisors are scheduled to review a proposal that would require owners of soft story buildings to retrofit them by 2020.  The proposed plan will require about 3,000 buildings in San Francisco, built before 1978 to undergo seismic retrofits in the next several years. Single family homes and smaller buildings will be []


New Years Resolutions: Better Late Than Never

It’s mid-January, that time of year when people have fallen off the wagon with respect to their New Year’s Resolutions.  The regular visits to the gym have fallen off or the chocolate cake looked really good.  Me?  I am not a huge believer in creating NYRs.  I am very interested in goal setting and how []

Furoshiki: Beauty, function and eco-friendly

A friend arrived at a pot luck dinner a few months ago with a big pot of soup, wrapped in a beautiful cloth.  The cloth also served to hold the lid on the pot as she drove across town.  What a great idea! I would have put the pot in a box to try and []

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Evernote: My New Favorite App

Last fall, I was introduced to Evernote.  This App let’s you keep electronic notebooks of information–notes that you take, things that you clip on the web, ideas that you have.  You can use this on your computer and several mobile devices.  I don’t think I took it too seriously until a few weeks ago.  I []

Expert Tips on Hanging Pictures

I saw this great article in Elle Decor about How to Hang Art Like a Pro.  It gives great tips re: the mechanics of hanging art on the walls as well as artistic tips .  I find that many of our clients talk about feeling at home and settled after they have moved only after []

Why Does My Smoke Alarm Only Malfunction in the Middle of the Night?

  I was awakened in the middle of the night to the SHRIEK of the smoke detectors in my house.  Jolted awake.  No sign of smoke or fire.  Headed downstairs quickly–no sign of anything there.  All detectors screaming downstairs.  And finally, down to my neighbors house below.  No noise, no signs of smoke or fire.  []

Glen Park Home Makes the Big Time!

I was delighted to see a facebook post from my client this morning (while sitting on long and boring hold). There fantastic home was highlighted in yesterday’s Chronicle.  I helped them buy this fantastic home in Glen Park a few years ago.  The house is terrific, and when I sold it the paint colors seemed []